“As an ancestor of a Kisatchie Family, I learned at a young age that an education was very special and most of all it was a blessing to attend school. My Mother, along with two of my uncles attended and graduated from Kisatchie High School, plus my Grandfather was school janitor for several years. The Kisatchie School was an important part of the Kisatchie Community where every child could attend. And like my Mother, there are many memories of the school and the school days. These memories will always remain as long as the Kisatchie High School Building stands in this rural community. Each and every one of us are connected to the school by those of our family who attended but most of all when it was decided to build a school, every family in the Kisatchie Community assisting in building the school by making home-made bricks. A community came together and through teamwork, this proud old school building was constructed and their children and our ancestors attended and gained a valuable education. Now it is our turn to help save this beautiful old building. Just as every family came together to help build this school so many years ago, it is our time to help preserve and keep the history and memory of Kisatchie High School alive for future generations to also enjoy. Team work makes a winner…let’s work as a team and win the game to preserve this magnificent old school building !!” – Rickey Robertson (Peason, LA)

“Kisatchie School was the only school our father, Lavelle Kile, ever attended. He was the Class of 1939 Valedictorian. He played basketball for Kisatchie HS on an outdoor dirt court. Our mother, Clydell Dowden Kile, grew up in nearby Peason. Our grandfather, Eddie Kile, was a Kisatchie School bus driver. We want to preserve this building as a tribute to our parents, our relatives, and all of the other students of Kisatchie School.” – Janis (Baton Rouge), Terry (Philadelphia), and Ed Kile (Houston)