The construction of Kisatchie School began over 100 years ago.

The time has come to bring Kisatchie School back to life!

The building has been designated as one of the Endangered Places of Louisiana by the Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation.

The building has been listed on the US Department of Interior National Register of Historic Places.

Plans are underway to restore the school as a Rural Museum, Conference Center, and Retreat.

The first floor of the restored building would contain a conference center and archives related to the areas’ past history including:

    • Native Americans and early settlers

    • Saw mills / Kisatchie National Forest

    • Civilian Conservation Corps camp

    • Ft. Polk Peason Ridge military training, area veterans and war maneuvers

    • Rural Classroom / Kisatchie and Peason school days

The second floor would contain a lodging area suitable for:

    • Kids’ summer camps

    • Hunters

    • Visitors for building activities including weddings, reunions, festivals, Peason Ridge, and Kisatchie National Forest bus tours

    • Civil War re-enactment participants

    • Visitors for Kisatchie Falls and Kisatchie National Forest

The building is located near the intersection of the Caroline Dormon Highway (Louisiana Highway 117) and the Louisiana Maneuvers & Purple Heart Memorial Highway (Louisiana Highway 118).

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